Born in Manhattan, graduated Putney School and Columbia University. For twenty-five years acted on and off Broadway and Hollywood and International films and television series. Credits include “Dallas”, “How the West Was Won”, “War of the Worlds” and “The Fantastic Journey”, in which he played Varian - the man from the future. After retiring from acting Jared co–founded and was Creative Director for 15 years of Philadelphia’s celebrated youth media center the Big Picture Alliance. During this period he directed over 30 personal films; receiving awards from Cine Eagle, Intercom, and the Chicago International Film Festival. He has authored two photo-narratives “Dazhengzhao, the 1000 Year Old Village” and “Letter From Zibo” and is completing a third 'Caprivi". He has exhibited in group shows and the Bill Lowe Gallery in Atlanta, GA. . . PERSONAL STATEMENT: I’ve spent many years on film sets. To pass stretches of waiting that define the filmmaking experience I bought a still camera that eventually became my guide and interpreter to an undiscovered visual world. Photographs became my currency – proof I had been there – summoning up detail and nuance and recalling mood and emotion attached to a time and place. Through this experience I’ve arrived at a simple understanding of photography as being a discrete event that transforms the three dimensions of the real world onto a flat surface allowing a viewer time and circumstance in which to study the component parts of an image, both for what it is, and for what they can make of it. I am intrigued by the ability of a photograph to translate moving images into a fixed frame, retaining enough story information to allow imagination to be affected in profound ways, and to create a compact between viewer and subject. Every photograph carries with it an infinite subtext that the artist makes accessible to the viewer to use in personal explorations. In terms of technical skill I am self-taught, the best student of the worst teacher.